Sessions & Workshops

Following last year's successful formula, we will once again offer in-depth workshops in the morning and parallel speaker sessions in the afternoon.

You are free to join the conference for our workshops, speaker sessions or both.

We are currently still in the process of building our sessions and workshops offer and will be announcing new additions regularly.
Please come back and check with us!

Modern Web Performances

You probably heard stories about applications losing their users due to slowness. What are the issues they ran into? How can you prevent such a scenario in your web application?

During this talk, we will examine modern web techniques for building performant applications. Moreover, we will examine the conceptĀ of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and how this could help you build reliable, fast and engaging applications with extra capabilities like offline.

Speaker session

Baking security into DevOps - a tale of hunting down bugs before breakfast

Do you know that 90% of all vulnerabilities can be prevented by introducing security in every step of your software development lifecycle (SDLC)?

Speaker session

Introduction to Service Workers

An introduction to service workers and their implementation in progressive web apps.

This talk will give an overview of service workers, how they work along with examples that show best practices. Service workers are immensely powerful and can bring your web app to the next level.

Speaker session