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Kurt Sys

Kurt Sys


Kurt is a extremely proud father of 3 kids and husband of 1 wife, with a passion for traveling and scuba diving. Having written his first computer program about 35 years ago - on the legendary VIC-20 - and having been designing 'impossible' installations in the fields of environmental and space sciences for more than 10 years, he nowadays shifted gears and he considers himself as a software decomplecting evangelist.


He has been co-founder and CTO of a medical tech startup. Besides being visiting professor, he has his own one-man company moment-4, focusing on the development of engaging platform applications for small business and non-governmental organizations.

As a firm believer of cooperation and conversational development, he has an inextricably preference to work together with open-minded and highly language/tech-agnostic developers, devops and companies.

Although not attached to one particular technology or language, the last 2 years, clojure and clojurescript are increasingly used for the development. This can change at any time, though...