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Architecting Robust JavaScript Applications

Tom Van Cutsem
Tom Van Cutsem
Computer Scientist, Nokia Bell Labs

Modern JS applications, whether web apps or web app servers, are built from countless third-party modules and services. Composing applications from modules across trust boundaries requires a new software architecture mindset to defend against unintended side-effects, whether through unintentional bugs or intentional attacks.

In this atypical JavaScript security talk, I will look at security through a software engineering lens, treating security as an extreme form of modularity. Join me for a tour of basic software architecture patterns and best practices that will help make your code more robust. Along the way we highlight recent ECMAScript language features that help enable these patterns.

Tom Van Cutsem is a computer scientist, speaker and passionate user and advocate of JavaScript.

He is a former member of TC39, the ECMAScript standardisation committee, and actively contributed to the ECMAScript 2015 standard. As a visiting faculty at Google and a professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel he worked with the Google Caja team on a capability-secure subset of JavaScript, combining ideas from programming language and security research to create a safer Web.

Today Tom leads a research department at Nokia Bell Labs, the research division of Nokia. He constantly aims to push the state of practice in software engineering through new insights drawn from computer science research.