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How to Scale with Serverless

Jamie Niemasik
Jamie Niemasik
Product Manager, Firebase (Google)

With serverless, we frontend devs can quickly build full-stack apps. And serverless promises to scale automatically as we grow from dozens to millions of users. But scaling is not so easy. In reality, the cloud can bring our app down just as it’s getting popular.

Let’s think about everything that could go wrong, so we can design around these problems from the start! I’ll share my startup experience building a JavaScript game that used serverless technologies and had to scale rapidly when it was announced to a quarter-million fans simultaneously.

Then we’ll walk through the scaling bottlenecks you might hit while building on serverless products, and how to solve them before you launch. To illustrate, I’ll show how Firebase’s own JavaScript SDKs avoid these pitfalls.

You’ll walk away knowing the antipatterns to avoid when you’re building any sort of web app that uses the cloud.

Jamie Niemasik is a product manager on the Firebase team, responsible for Cloud Firestore and the Realtime Database.

Prior to joining Firebase, he helped develop the Google Clips smart camera. Before he was at Google, Jamie researched biologically-realistic machine learning algorithms, co-founded a healthcare IT company, and built an interactive web video experience. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two sons.