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Intro to Machine Learning in Node.js

Tamar Stern
Tamar Stern
Backend Manager, XM Cyber

Node.js is one of the most popular frameworks for writing server side applications now, and machine learning is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more problems are being solved by using machine learning tools. The use of machine learning solutions is spreading, and it is not limited to researchers. Software developers are also starting to gain ML knowledge and skills.

In this talk, I will give you an intro to machine learning in Node.js. We will go over some machine learning fundamentals, the useful libraries that you can work with when writing an ML server in Node.js, and architecture tips about how you should design your server according to the nature of machine learning systems combined with Node.js capabilities.

After this session, you will have a good basis to get into the area of Machine Learning and how to write and design your server.

I am a software manager and architect. In the past, I managed large development teams, and was a CTO of a start up of my own. I have a decade of software engineering experience in various technologies: Server side, big data, mobile, web technologies, and security.

I am currently focusing on Node.js, and have a deep knowledge of Node.js server architecture and Node.js performance optimizations.