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Lessons Learnt Building A Design System

Louis Bailey
Louis Bailey
Software Engineer, DataCamp

Design systems are a hot topic, but most of the focus tends to be on how they can impact designers. As an engineer it can be hard to know how to actually start building out a component library. This talk covers some of the most important lessons learnt while building out the DataCamp design system over the past year. This will cover why you might need a design system and component library, how to build components that can be integrated into existing applications, and the best ways to ensure stability and smooth upgrades to what can quickly become a lot of packages.

Since moving to Belgium in 2017, Louis Bailey has been a Software Engineer at DataCamp. In early 2019 he took ownership of the DataCamp design system with a view to spreading good UI, UX and technical practice throughout all the teams and products at DataCamp.

Away from his laptop, Louis loves running and playing the guitar. Although he’s not as good at either of these as he likes to think he is.