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Rate Limiting in Node.js applications

Forbes Lindesay
Forbes Lindesay
Software Engineer, Threads Styling

When a hacker finds a vulnerability in your system, it's not always completely game over. Some times they might still need to brute force certain parts of your API in order to extract all the data they want. Rate limiting can give you much more time to detect and resolve vulnerabilities.

This talk will cover how to use rate limiting to limit the damage attackers can cause, as well as more traditional usage of rate limiting to prevent abuse of public APIs.

This talk includes:

  • Why you should care about rate limiting
  • A detailed explanation of how different rate limiting approaches work
  • Small, practical examples in JavaScript to demonstrate how to add these techniques to your application. P.S. the talk presentation URL below includes some other stuff because the talk there was a longer one covering more aspects of security in node.js

Forbes is a software engineer at Threads Styling. Forbes also works on many open source projects in node.js and React, including [@databases](https://www.atdatabases.org/) (The safest and simplest way to write SQL queries in Node.js) and [Pug](http://pugjs.org/) (a templating engine for node.js).