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Serverless frontend, serverless backend, serverless security!

Nick Trogh
Nick Trogh
Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft

You've built a Vue.js frontend application with some backend functionality and you want to run it reliably and securely, without bothering about infrastructure, instances or whatsoever. Where do you get started? How easily does it integrate in your development flow? And what about protecting against DDOS attacks that can skyrocket your bill?

In this session we'll demonstrate how to host a multi-tier web application and host it in the cloud entirely using serverless components, covering the application frontend, backend and data store.

In a second part, we'll then secure this application and add protection against DDOS, XSS and other attacks.

Nick Trogh is the Developer Engagement Lead for Microsoft WE HQ. He’s engaging with professional developers to guide them on the path towards Azure ninja status. His main technology focus is on Cloud, AI and conversational interfaces.

Aside from his passion for technology, he’s striving to make the technology industry a more diverse and inclusive place. You can regularly find him as a speaker at tech conferences or meetups, or any place where you find tech enthusiasts.